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September 1, 2008

{ what's the Pink Blossom List }

The Pink Blossom List started out as a fun project between two friends, named Nancy. But since it's inception, like many projects, it's changed along the way. And it probably will continue to evolve and change.

This blog is not like others. It's written by wedding insiders for other wedding vendors. It's a blog for industry event and floral designers who need a place to find energy, ideas, and insights. It's about all things bright, beautiful and pretty that embodies our name, Pink Blossom.

I'm Nancy Liu Chin and I'm proud to have started this blog with my good friend, Nancy Yu Trio. Today, we have moved on from our humble beginnings and we have new friends and buddies who are contributing to Pink Blossom List.

We want to say thank you to those who have helped us including Gloria Wong, Michelle Walker, and Anne Millett. They have been so valuable. We say hello again to Audrey O'Brien and Jeanne Savage who will continue to contribute. We are excited that Here Comes The Guide will be sharing some of their advise. And we look forward to new contributors.

If you are a seasoned pro and love to write, send us a note: Attn: Pink Blossom List Contributor Request to pinkblossomlist@gmail.com

Thank you!

Photo Credit: Chenin Boutwell
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