Decor: Lamp posts

January 29, 2010

One of the motifs that we are loving right now are lamp posts. Perhaps it's because they beckon to an era gone by or maybe it's because on every European street corner, they gracefully stand without notice. We love lamp posts and this moody image from Kevin Chin really shows that this is going to be a wonderful design motif going forward.

Inspirations: Don't be sneaky

January 27, 2010

Recently, we ran across this insightful article by celebrity event designer and planner, Sasha Souza. It's a great read for those who might have missed it.
The Pink Blossom List is a blog of ideas and inspirations for other wedding pros so we think it's appropriate to post this article about "Shopping your compeition". Frankly, it happens but it's not cool....being "Sneaky" is irritating so pros, figure it out and read Sasha's advice.
Read on....
Over the past few weeks, I've been shopped by other planners no less than twice - and those are the planners that I actually caught doing it. I have my suspicions on three other info requests as well which we are handling with kid gloves.
Let me give you a bit of advice regarding pricing both yourself and figuring out who is charging what...

It Does Not Matter What I Charge:
Why? Because YOU are not ME. Your experience is different, your personality is different, your wedding type is different. Basically we are all different. What I charge is what I charge and sometimes I get it and sometimes I do not, it's dependent on what the couple is looking for. I also only do 20 events per year and all partial service events are planned by my employees. It's just plain different - but I've setup my company MY WAY. Besides, why do you care?

People Will Not Hire YOU Based On Price Alone:
A lot more goes into booking a client including, but not limited to: the number of events you've done that are similar to the look/style they are looking for; credibility of you as a planner or designer - have they seen your work featured? Know the name? That often is the first reason why people call us, they know the name and want the service associated with the name.

Where Are You Geographically?
This makes a difference - if you're shopping me at a destination wedding locale from either out of the country or someplace in middle America, the pricing will most likely be VERY DIFFERENT, and not even relevant to you.

It Makes You Look Sleazy:
And basically, we'll never speak again. I'm not into sneaky, rude or otherwise underhanded people in this business. I've been doing this long enough (15 years) to sniff out the good from the bad. I am not about to waste more of my time on people who have already wasted my time. Capiche?

Just Ask Me:
I can choose to answer you or not. That is my free will, but the chances are good I'll tell you straight up - unless you fall into the sleazy planner/designer category above.

I'm A Pretty Good Detective:
Not going to tell you how I find out, but just know - we're pretty savvy over here and have been shopped by some of the best & most renowned planners/designers in the business (you know who you are) and even they can't believe I figured it out. So, just remember...

So, How Do You Figure Out What To Charge?:
It's simple, figure out how much you want to make in a year, divide it by the number of events you want to do and that is a good starting point. Then, with experience, you will find that not every client is YOUR client and being middle of the road isn't necessarily where you want to be. The old adage about coming in the middle of pricing, like a contractor, only makes you mediocre. Do you want to be mediocre?

It does not matter to me what my peers are making in their pricing. I know I don't want to have the events that they do, those are not my parties. There is security in that and in knowing that I am always who I am and if they want somebody wishes for a wonderful wedding to them.

Thank you Sasha! You can read more of her candid insights on her blog, Sparkliatti.

Industry News: The Free Pamper Yourself Event

January 25, 2010

Industry News:

January 20, 2010

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Industry News: Wish Upon a Wedding

January 19, 2010

We're so fond of good organizations and good people and the newly created wedding organization called Wish Upon a Wedding is just that.

Their Mission is dedicated to granting weddings and/or civil union ceremonies at destinations across the United States to couples who are facing life-threatening medical conditions.

TheirVision is giving the gift of a dream wedding, we are able to grant some of the most intimate and heartfelt wishes of these people’s lives, and help them share this important day with close family members.

Their Purpose was created to celebrate the courage, determination and spirit of these couples by granting their dream wedding wishes. Our hope is that chosen recipients can inspire others couples facing similar situations to find hope and strength.

Congratulations and join Wish Upon a Wedding at their launch party on January 28th in Saratoga, California.

Inspirations: New World Charm

January 13, 2010

Black and White can look sophisticated, chic, modern, luxurious. But it can also look vintage, sweet, and charming. This black/white inspiration with pop of bright Sunshine was brought to us by the wonderful editors at Wedding Style Guide which is a favorite of ours. No matter how you serve it, it's a new world charm.

Trends: Silver Rising

January 11, 2010

You might have noticed that A list celebrities(aka Nicole Kidman, Rachel McAdams) are donning silver frocks this season. So when one of our favorite wedding resources featured this Silver V neck Sequin gown on their covers by Karen Willis Holmes, we had to feature it.

Brides will still opt for the traditional white gown for the vows but we are noticing that many brides are changing into a second gown for their reception. We love the color and the more sexy feel of this beautiful gown featured on Wedding Style Guide issue 7.

Flowers: White is in? Part Two

January 8, 2010

The response was so great from the White Bouquet trend that we are featuring a few more.

If you have a favorite all white bouquet, we'd love to feature it as January is all about wintery whites!

Top Pair: From Michelle Rago, The Designer's Co-op via
2nd Pair: From The Designer's Co-op via
3rd Pair: From Martha Stewart, Meg Smith
4th Pair: From
Last Pair: Nisie's Enchanted Garden, Hidden Garden Flowers

Flowers: White is In?

January 6, 2010

We are in love with white bouquets and these are just a few that caught our eyes.

Top image: from Utah Bride & Groom Magazine. Flowers, Stella Posy

2nd Pair: Courtesy of Martha Stewart, NLCD

3rd Pair: Tara Arrowood Photography, NLCD, JL Designs & Events

4th Pair: Cliff Brunk Photography, NLCD, Bella Signature Designs

5th Pair: JL Designs & Events

News: San Francisco Wedding Fair January 10

January 4, 2010

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