{Photography: Foto Friday V}

July 31, 2009

Our wonderful Michelle Walker is on vacation. However for Foto Friday, we wanted to continue the tradition so we asked Nancy Liu Chin to send over one of her favorite images from the more than 300 weddings that she worked on.

Nancy writes, "I love it when brides go all out and have no fear". This wonderful photo by the talented Jesse Leake features none other than one of our pink list panelist, Lisa S. on her wedding day. The sky, the water, the cliff. "I love that Lisa wasn't afraid to just run and play. Shouldn 't all couples be that carefree?".

We totally agree.

{The List #15: Always a Bridesmaid}

July 30, 2009

Collectively, the members of the Pink List Panel have about a couple dozen bridesmaid gowns that we'd like to forget about.

In our closets, you'll find a poppy red and white floor length shift, a emerald green mermaid gown, a champagne-lavender Jessica M. ballerina dress, and a raspberry red off the shoulder frock with a large fabric floral rose in the bodice(& matching bow on the backside).

Needless to say, they were all beautiful!!! And we wore them with big smiles. However, they were just one time dresses never to be worn again.

Luckily for today's honor attendants, the options are limitless and many of so adorable that you can't wait to put them on again.

Here's our top ten favorites!

Top Row: Left dress by Chloe & Reese, Right dress from J. Crew
2nd Row: Left dress by Lula Kate available at Bella Bridesmaid , Right dress by Chloe & Reese
3rd Row: Left dress by Chloe & Reese , Right dress by Vera Wang available at Bella Bridesmaid
4th Row: Left Dress by J. Crew, Right dress by Chloe & Reese
Bottom Row: Alix & Kelly available at Bella Bridesmaid, Right dress by J. Crew

{Cakes & Sweets: In Love with Pink Sweets}

July 29, 2009

We have a new contributor to the Pink Blossom List and it is the famed, Northern California cake maker extraordinaire, Sonya Hong of Butterfly Cakes. We couldn't be more honored to have Sonya join our group of wedding insiders. Butterfly Cakes remains one of the most cherished and beloved cake studios in the Bay Area. Sonya churns out homemade, butter, delicious cakes that taste great and look even better. Her signature style is pretty, elegant, understated, and feminine.
For her first post, Sonya wanted to focus on colorful cakes, most especially, a great summer. She writes, "trendy colors come and go (we’ve all seen the Tiffany blues, the reds and browns, the yellow and grey, etc.), but one thing is for certain: pink will always be beautiful and feminine". We agree! Here's two of Sonya colorful, "pink" creations.
With the help of event planners, Sarah Sofia , Sonya designed this four tiered wedding cake for a lovely Atherton, California bride. The wedding was gorgeous and stunning, and the theme color was pink. Everything in the wedding was sophisticated and glamorous, so the cake was the one area where they had a little fun: hearts, X’s and O’s, and simply the word LOVE. It is sweet and undeniably feminine, yet the controlled use of colors and lack of flowers keep the cake sophisticated and clean.(Image to the left).
Sonya's second cake is equally whimsical and girly that she created for a bridal shower. Sonya adds, "lingerie is always sexy, but in the color pink, it’s sweet. Zebra patterns keep it lively and a little on the “wild” side".
Thank you Sonya for your post and we look forward to more inspirations. Sonya not only runs a very successful cake studio in Northern California but she is a mother of two boys and a cake blogger. Sonya's blog, The Beehive, features her wonderful, fanciful creations. Don't miss it.

{Wedding Planning: Branding Your Event}

July 28, 2009

When most people think of a brand, they think of the Nike swoosh or the Apple logo - recognizable icons that represent a particular company. Well the same principles that go into a business brand can be applied to something much more personal and fun like a wedding says Gia Graham of Betsy White.

Is this a future trend?

Gia writes, "the idea is to make your event memorable, to incorporate details which your guests will associate specifically with your wedding". Most brides will instinctively brand their event with color by choosing a color palette which they incorporate throughout the event (bridesmaids dresses, flowers, linens, etc.) but event branding goes further than colors alone. The best way to really tie elements together is to use one signature icon throughout the event (like a bird or a particular flower) or to use a wedding logo.

A wedding logo works the same way as a business logo - it's a unique icon that will represent you and your wedding.

How do you use your wedding logo?

Gia takes us through the process. First, use your wedding logo on the save the dates and invitations to introduce your brand to your guests. The style of the logo should reflect the style of your wedding and give guests a glimpse of what your wedding will be like: casual or traditional, rustic or modern, etc.

When guests arrive at the ceremony, they could be greeted with a “wedding this way” sign with the same symbol which could also appear on the wedding programs.

At the reception, your brand can be incorporated into the place cards, menu cards, on the cake, favors and even projected onto the dance floor with special lighting

Here is a great example of a beautifully branded wedding. This bride used Betsy White's Love Logo #14 wedding logo design to help create the ‘rustic chic’ feeling she wanted for her winter wedding in Vermont. Her wedding colors and wedding logo were incorporated into every aspect of the wedding, creating a really cohesive look:

What did we learn from Gia of Betsy White. We learned that branding a wedding to create a cohesive look can make the difference between a nice wedding and a polished, stylish, truly unforgettable event.

Photo Credits: Top Image Courtesy of Betsy White Stationary Boutique.
Rustic Chic Inspiration Wedding by Leigh Miller Photography

{Decor: For the Birds}

July 27, 2009

Recently, we were talking with Gloria Wong about one of the great trends for this year which focuses on our flying friends - birds and their habitats.

Many couples have long used “lovebirds” as a graphic motif for their wedding invitations. And why shouldn’t they?! Birds are extremely versatile and can be interpreted in so many ways for different styles of wedding. Gloria notes that "birds can be cute and whimsical, classic and elegant, or even dark and goth". To augment this “lovebirds” motif, event designers like Gloria are "flocking to neighborhood and online retailers for birdcages!".

Birdcages are a truly festive way to spice up d├ęcor and to carry on a “lovebirds” concept! Heck, even if you’re not into birds themselves, don’t dismiss the use of birdcages on their own! They come in all different shapes and sizes. There are bamboo birdcages that resemble pagodas for Asian-inspired weddings. There are metal birdcages with curly cues and floral print embellishments for Garden-inspired weddings. Then, there are non-descript wooden birdcages that could easily be spray-painted to fit your wedding colors!

Think of the all the possibilities, folks!!!

(left from Onlineoriental.com, right from Greatroomsdecor.com)

Gloria came up with a couple really great combinations. Rich shades of plum and raspberry birdcages for a jewel-toned wedding. To die. Bright yellow birdcages for a yellow and grey mod wedding. Yum. Kelly green birdcages for a preppy green and white wedding. Sweet. The color ideas are endless!

(Left from Lampsplus.com, right from Greatroomsdecor.com)

Placement of birdcages are also endless! Hang them from trees as though they were lanterns. Spread them out on dinner tables as floral vessels. Lay them out on coffee tables in a lounge area. Line them down your ceremony aisle.

No matter what, Gloria feels that you need to just "get creative and have fun with them!". We couldn't agree more!! Thanks again, Gloria, for a great decor tip.

{Photography: Foto Fridays IV}

July 24, 2009

For Foto Friday, our resident photographer, Michelle Walker sends us this emotional image. Michelle writes, "this is from a beautiful wedding at Calistoga Ranch. Mom was very close to her son and so happy to see him marry the girl of his dreams! She walked him down the aisle and was overcome with emotion."
Sometimes it's hard to let go.
Image by Michelle Walker.

{The List : Recap}

July 23, 2009

We thought we would recap the first 14 lists thus far so that you can go back and catch up if you missed them.

List #1 - Favorite First Dance Songs
List #2 - The Do Not Play List
List #3 - Favorite May Flowers from Nancy Liu Chin Designs
List #4 - Top Floral Designers
List #5 - Cheap but still Chic Ideas
List #6 - Favorite Color Combinations
List #7 - Best Honeymoon Spots - Resorts
List #8 - Favorite Traditions
List #9 - Favorite Wedding Cakes
List #10 - Favorite Summer Bouquets
List #11 - Inspiring Blogs
List #12 - Web Wedding Resources
List #13 - Instead of Cake
List #14 - Photo Tips by Kevin Chin

Do you have a list? If so, please share it with the Pink Blossom List and see if the next list might just be from you!

Image by Jennifer Baciocco

{Wedding Planning: Romance on the Sugar Mill}

July 22, 2009

We are so honored that Evonne Wong of Events by Evonne is sharing one of her favorite wedding stories with us today. Evonne especially wanted to share a wedding that took place in Hawaii that didn't have that typical Hawaiian beach look.

Let's see how this story unfolds.

Evonne writes, "Angela and Jeff both live on Oahu, but she has always wanted to get married at the Pua Le'a Estate on Maui. It used to be a sugar mill back in the 1800's and Angela loves the shabby chic look of the mill. While surfing the internet one day, she came across my blog about the mill. A few weeks later, she flew over and we both went to see the venue together. She was in love instantly, especially with the chandelier and the decor in the bridal room. When I first met Angela, she told me that her favorite store was Anthropologie. That gave me an idea of what her vision was for her big day".

Angela looked stunning in her La Sposa dress and her to-die-for Christian Louboutin shoes! Weren't they cool asks Evonne. Yes!

Angela's favorite color was bordeaux, so with the help of the talented team at Country Bouquets, we chose something that would complement that color - lavender, lilac roses, purple lisianthus, with some white hydrangeas and green hypericum berries.

No event is complete without beautiful linens. Together with Debbie Fisher, Owner of Pacific Event Group, Evonne and the bride selected the Stardust Crush fabric in bordeaux for the dining tables, pink taffeta for the cocktail highboys, and pink matte satin for the napkins.

To accomplish that look and feel, Evonne added a lavender sprig to each napkin with the menu cards. This is great advice - what a wonderful touch as guests take their seats.

Since Angela loved the chandeliers, that was her theme for her invitations and she also found the most perfect wedding favor online - personalized mint tin boxes with the pink chandelier design on them!

And to add more romantic lighting under the beautiful clear tent, Angela bought 6 dozens of ivory votive candles all hand-decorated with lace. Great idea!

One thing about wedding planning that we learned from Evonne's story is that it takes partnership and trust in order to get from the inspiration to the reality. Thanks, Evonne - great story!

Images by Tad Craig Photography

{Flowers: Interview with Carissa Jones}

July 21, 2009

Michelle of MB Wedding Designs returns this week with another great interview. This time Michelle spoke with the lovely and stylish Carissa Jones of JL Designs, a couture floral and event styling company based in Orange Country(the "OC"). Let's listen in on their conversation.

MB: What celebrity wedding would you have loved to attend?
CJ: I am obsessed with the wedding of fashion designer, Jenni Kayne. It took place in Malibu and it had the most amazing ceremony structure I had ever seen! It was made entirely of clear Lucite and covered in knotted, sand blasted grapewood branches. Plus the bridemaids' dresses were, of course, from Jenni Kayne's line and completely to die for! The whole thing was just typical SoCal, bohemian chic...

MB: What is the best thing about working with brides?

CJ: Getting to know them and their style and infusing it into their wedding! I am all about creating a day that just "fits" them. Also the feeling I get seeing their reaction to the florals and decor after it all comes together - priceless!

MB: What is your favorite floral bouquet to date?

CJ: Definitely my own bridal bouquet! It was a slight cascade made up entirely of white phalenopsis orchids. Wrapped the stems in a caramel velvet overlaid with a gold beaded trim. I then strung my grandmother's vintage necklace with additional family heirlooms (engagement ring, locket, pledge ring) and allowed it to dangle off the bouquet. It was so soft and delicate and meaningful. I wish I could carry it around with me every day! :)

MB: Do you have any guilty pleasures?
CJ: "Celebreality" shows, Nutella, Lattes, Nordstrom, Loehman's, Target, Mani/Pedi's.

MB: If you were not a floral designer, what would you be doing?

CJ: Definitely something in the event industry, working for a magazine or a full time wife and mom! Definitely looking forward to motherhood someday.

Well, we are certainly glad that Carissa is a floral designer because you are refreshingly talented(so never quit your day job).

Thanks Michelle and Carissa for sharing this with the Pink Blossom List. And many congratulations to JL Designs for being on our floral resource list!!!

{Invitations: Hawaii Style}

July 20, 2009

Today's inspiring invitation concept is quite fitting for those who dream of an island getaway. Read on.

Gia of Betsy White Stationary Boutique who has such a great eye for simple details sent us this inspiring invitation.

Gia shares with us that "so many couples [are] choosing to have destination weddings". Her island-inspired invites are quite popular. When designing the Alani wedding invitation, Gia wanted to convey the feeling of the tropics without using an obvious island motif. She was really inspired by the relaxed style and culture of Hawaii.

We think she captured the laid back, relaxed island style perfectly. How can you not love the warm color, the surf dude, and the breezy palms.

Here’s how the invitation turned out. "Tripendicular, brah!"

For more great ideas and inspiring designs, please visit Betsy White.

Photo Credits:

Hawaiian Inspiration Board

Row 1: Jupiter Images, image via Print and Pattern

Row 2: Letter "T" by Jeanie Nelson, Jupitar Images

Row 3: Hamoa Beach Image by RandomSpace.

Invitation Image Courtesy of Betsy White Stationary Boutique

{Photography: Foto Fridays III}

July 17, 2009

It's Foto Friday, Part III. This Friday, Michelle Walker sends us this beautiful black and white image from her amazing portfolio. She writes that this is one of her favorite images of "Samantha and Ryan sharing a little secret during their reception in the Observation Room at the Ritz Carlton in Half Moon Bay".

We love how you were able to catch that magical moment when Samantha is just an inch or two from Ryan's ear. It's such a private moment that only the two of them(actually the three of you) shared.

Thanks, Michelle, we can't wait to see what you have in store next week.

{The List #14: Photo Tips by Kevin Chin}

July 16, 2009

Our list this week comes from Pink Blossom List Photographer, Kevin Chin. We asked him for a list of photo related tips for brides and grooms on their wedding day. Here is his very wise advice.

Do attend the cocktail hour, makes for great candids.

Assign a family member to corral VIP's during the family photo session, help & save time since your photographer may not know who Aunt so and so is.

If you think something will take 30 minutes, buffer 45 minutes.

Point out meaningful details or special guests that you would like the photographer to document. Remember, he/she may not that the fabric for your favors were flown in from the Orient and that the box contains Asian spices(see image on the right).

Meet with your photographer ahead of time to discuss the day's events so that there are no surprises the day of the wedding.

Though hard to do, limit your wedding party, the more bridesmaids/groomsmen you have, the more you have to organize and manage.

Book an engagement session with your photographer so that you can develop a rapport. You'll be more prepared the day of your wedding. And certainly more relaxed.

Great lighting makes an impact especially for an indoor evening events or a space that's not well lit. (See the Chinese strung lanterns - makes for a great backdrop and lights a dark area)

Start out with the most picturesque venue that you can find in your budget. It sets the tone.

Image by Kevin Chin

{Invitations: Rose & Sky de Luxe}

July 15, 2009

Last week, we asked our resident floral expert, Nancy Liu Chin, to take a break from her busy summer schedule to attend Promises & Pearls(a bridal soiree) hosted by Beverly Yip of Especially Yours and Michelle B of MB Wedding and Events(a Pink List Panelist) to see who is the hottest new vendor.

Nancy reports that she had a great time munching on Japanese soba noodles from Melons Catering, spooning FroYo from Jubili , catching up with fellow PLP member, Gloria Wong, hamming it up with Pink Blossom List Photographers, Augie Chang & Kevin Chin, laughing with fun couple John and Linnae Gomez of Asiel Design and getting her great swag bag with a full MAC lip gloss.

But Nancy really did her homeworkfor us as she found time to meet with creator, Susanne of Cards de Luxe. Not only is Susanne "so creative and enthusiastic", she is one of the "sweetest vendors I've met" says Nancy Liu Chin.

One of Nancy's favorite invitation design was this Rose & Sky combination featuring accents of large blooming Red Roses.

We're sure you will love it too!

For more information on Cards de Luxe, please visit their blog(as their website is still under construction).

{Cake & Sweets: Topaz Lemon Cake}

July 14, 2009

A couple weeks back on June 24th we featured a bright and vibrant inspiration board mixing Topaz Blue with Lemon by Laura E. Frank of The White Dress Event. Do you remember that post? (click to the link above if you need a little refresher!)

Well, our trend report tells us that we were "spot on" when we saw this wonderfully delightful and whimsical cake by our very own, PBL favorite - The Cakegirls.

This three tier cake is both refreshingly modern yet very relax and fun in those great shades of Topaz Blue and Lemon!

For a summer wedding, this is so perfect. Thanks to The Cakegirls...you really out did yourselves.

{Real Weddings: Napa Style Chapter Three}

July 13, 2009

One of the reason why the couple choose Napa - they love wine. Stacey and Paul collected corks that were used for the place card tray by Nancy Liu Chin Designs.
Those personal touches make the wedding so special.

Images by Jesse Leake

{Real Weddings: Napa Style Chapter Two}

One of Nancy's most favorite images from the wedding was the couple, Stacey and Paul, with that wonderful red barn in the background. It's a love!

Images by Jesse Leake

{Real Weddings: Napa Style Chapter One}

Our featured real wedding is yet another Napa style wedding though it could be any outdoor setting. Captured by Jesse Leake(ubercool photographer), this relaxed wedding took place at Auberge du Soleil in Rutherford and was brought to us by PLP, Nancy Liu Chin of NLCD.

Take a look at the wonderful images of Jesse Leake who documented the details so nicely.

{Photography: Foto Fridays II}

July 10, 2009

Michelle Walker just sent us her image for Foto Friday and this one is hilarious.

Jill & Shane were married by Jill’s brother (who apparently didn’t like seeing his sister getting kissed) - look at his face! Sometimes even the obnoxious is memorable.

{The List #13: Instead of Cake}

July 9, 2009

Here's our list of ideas for what to do if you've simply grown tired of the standard wedding cake. Opt for a favorite sweet idea like

Donuts and Coffee
Lemon Meringue
Cotton Candy
Favored Ice
Mini Pastries
Ice Cream Sandwiches
Assorted Candies
Ice Cream Balls
Cream Puffs
Summer MilkShakes

All Images from Brides.com
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