{Cakes & Sweets: Oh So Pretty Cherry Blossoms }

March 19, 2009

Whether it’s a wedding reception, rehearsal dinner, or bridal shower, there’s always room for a special table of sweets from candies to chocolates to mini cakes. And seriously - there’s nothing as beautiful or as unique as the fanciful dessert tables designed by Amy Atlas.

You could say that Amy has had plenty of time to hone in her skills since Amy has been entertaining for friends and family since she was young. By the time she reached college, the delightful Amy had perfected her talent of crafting together “signature” dessert tables. Like Nancy#1 who went the corporate route, Amy also deterred and worked in corporate careers before she ultimately returned to her passion.

For Amy, desserts bring back many sweet memories of a childhood in which she sat in her grandmother’s bright kitchen on a spring afternoon, watching her grandmother pull homemade rocky road cake out of the oven. After the cake was pulled out of the oven, Amy’s Grandma would let her drizzle caramel icing over the delicious cake. To this day the smell of rich, melted caramel reminds Amy of those wonderful afternoons, when it felt like the world belonged to just the two of them and the core of her joy was a simple, rocky road cake.

The first image of the cherry blossom dessert table caught our eye and we had to share the details with our readers. If only we could smell the chocolate lollipops! Delicious!

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