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May 28, 2009

What is the Pink List Panel?

The Pink List Panel (PLP) is a discerning group of wedding professionals and enthusiast that embody all things fabulous, fun and flirty in weddings! The PLP is like the “think tank” of the Pink Blossom List. When it comes to weddings, the PLP collaborate, discover and unite to find the most beautiful, unique and inspiring details for any wedding.

The PLP is made up of the most amazing individuals in the wedding professional industry. Each member has a unique perspective and expertise that makes them distinctly qualified to provide commentary and insight into wedding planning. Here are a few of the exceptional PLP members that we want to introduce…Gloria Wong of Gloria Wong Design is the wedding d├ęcor specialist with an eye for “chic, sweet, tailored and tasteful!” She is described as “obsessive” about the design aspect of a wedding. All we can say is if it were our wedding, we want obsessive…we want someone that can create magic…we want someone that can inspire and stir our hearts…we want Gloria Wong!!!

Anne Millet is the visionary behind Mira Aster and our correspondence contributor. Anne’s amazing hand-sewn stationery are whimsical and unique. Her eye for detail, custom design and natural aesthetic make her a superb addition to the PLP. She is not afraid to use color and texture to create invitations that are innovative and simply sublime! She is a modern innovator!

Kevin Chin epitomizes artful elegance in photography. His use of film in photography is truly an art form as he captures the details of an event. His shots exactly seize the moments in all their splendid glory. The warmth and love of the day are intimately conveyed through his photographic eye. The textures and hues are perfectly depicted in print. Kevin silently but determinedly and purposefully photographs weddings that result in unforgettable visuals that lasts a lifetime.

Audrey O’Brien of Studio Stems is our floral design professional…a true artist who has (fortunately for us) focused her creative passion on floral design. Her philosophy and love of all things weddings is inspiring. With a design background and a successful boutique floral design company, Audrey is an exciting and welcome addition to the PLP. Being a fun and interesting, music-loving, snowboarding mommy is just a bonus.

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what a generous post!

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