{The List #6 : Favorite Color Combinations}

May 19, 2009

Color combinations are the hardest things to figure out when it comes to your wedding.

Seriously, how does one narrow the choices? Afterall, it feels like the color combination dictates so much including the bridesmaid gowns, the invitations, even the lighting choices that it's absolutely difficult to find just the right combinations. It's not enough to just say Blue. You've got to define the right hue of blue.

Thankfully, we had quite a bit of help and we narrowed down our choices to these top ten.

It's just a mere handful of combinations but we think you will love our choices. These colors are fun, interesting, and ever so pleasing.

Magenta + Orchid pink + Black
Fuchsia + Tangerine + Orange
Salmon + Grapefruit + Spearmint
Lilac + Eggplant + Espresso
Gray+ Sunny Yellow + Butter
Violet + Antique Gold + Citron

Lemonade + Kelly Green + Kiwi
Navy + Pretty Pink + Classic White
Powder + Pewter + Canary
Turquoise + French Blue + Milk

These awe inspiring combinations come to us from one of the best resources, The Wedding Style Guide. If you can't find an issue, you can also order their issues via their fabulous website for $AUD $49.95 for 12 issues.

Turquoise + French Blue + Milk - top right
Navy, Pastel Pink and Bubble - middle left
Lemonade + Kelly Green + Kiwi - far right

What color combination is your favorite?

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