{Décor : Neon Pink}

June 17, 2009

We all know that the 80’s made a big comeback in the fashion scene about five or six years ago. And if you flip through the latest issues of Elle or Bazaar, you’ll know that the 80’s have never left since then! The trend is actually bigger than ever! From shoulder pads to fingerless gloves to Flash Dance asymmetrical sweatshirts, it seems as though we cannot get enough of that era. To add to the mix is Neon. Neon Pink is a color that ruled the runways last season and will be a hot color for Fall 2009. What does this have to do with weddings, you ask. How would you interpret this Neon trend for your wedding without looking ridiculous, you probe further.

The answer is… keep it modern, use it minimally, and turn it down a slight notch. Build your color palette with a plethora of neutrals (i.e. shades of greys, taupes, and crisp bright white). Incorporate Neon Pink in unexpected areas. The idea is for your guests to only get a peek of the shocking color here and there throughout the wedding. You don’t want to overwhelm anyone with too much of it! Keep the exterior cover of your ceremony program a neutral color, but make all the interior pages Neon Pink. Use Neon Pink as a font color only for your names on your paper goods. Buy Neon Pink pumps and wear under your wedding gown. Ask your bridesmaids to wear Hot Pink lipstick. Ask for Hot Pink boutonnieres for your groomsmen. Line your food trays with Neon Pink paper. Line your end-of-the-evening favor bags with Neon Pink tissue paper.

The key says Gloria Wong is "to always reveal the Neon Pink in the company of neutrals and to only show a splash of it".

Top image from RockPaperScissors
Bottom Image from Elle Magazine

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