{Flowers: Button Boutonnieres}

June 23, 2009

We usually don't feature DIY projects but when fellow PLP, Nancy Liu Chin, wrote about her red and blue button boutonniere, we thought it would be a great repost since July 4th is just around the corner and we happen to think this DIY project is adorable.

We hope you enjoy this repost which was original featured on Nancy's Brown Bag.


Sure, we are floral designers but sometimes, I'm a seamstress, other times a floral engineer, and more important, a decorator. That being said, I want to encourage more floral designers to think of themselves beyond the scope of flowers. To be ahead of the times, we have to embrace and craft our way through the craze of DIY, eco green, and shabby chic movements.

Here's my project for the week that is affordable, great for DIY, but also something exceptionally charming for floral designers that want to add to their portfolio.

Let your crafty brides and grooms know that you aren't wedded to flowers.

For this all floral button boutonniere, you will need:

3 dainty floral buttons
2 medium floral buttons
1 bolt of matching ribbon
1 floral tape
1 box of pins
Medium Gauge Green wire
wire cutters

Loop green wire through button holes. Then wire with tape. Once all buttons are individually secured with green wire and floral taped, place them accordingly. To secure the boutonniere of wired buttons, pinch the 5 wires tightly and secure with green floral tape from the top to the button. Cut off any remaining wire so that the stem is no longer than 2.5 inches. Wrap your choice of ribbon from bottom to top. Secure with a straight pin. Make sure the pin does not poke through the front. You don't want to accidentally poke some when you pin this on them.


Thanks Nancy!

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