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June 10, 2009

We are super lucky today to being featuring talented Michigan floral designer, Janet Martineau of Floral Verde.

Janet is both a southern belle and a midwest city gal who confesses to being a perfectionist(many of the Pink List Panelist share this trait!). Though neat and perfect to the t, Janet's prepared to get a little messy for creative projects.

At 16, Janet had no idea that a job at the local grocery store in the flower department would lead to her future career. Though Janet did get a degree in Architecture and she also worked for several architecture firms, her true calling in life eventually brought her back to the world of floral design. In June of 2006, Jane created Floral Verde and hasn't looked back. With the help of her supportive husband, David(who happens to be the man of her dreams), Janet creates delightfully simple and uncomplicated floral designs. These lovely bouquets featuring orchids, chocolate cosmos, mini callas, seeded eucalyptus finished with ribbon handle reflect her signature style. (top image)

One of the things that we really like(actually love is more like it) about Janet is the way she puts inspiration floral boards together for her clients. Not only is this a growing trend amongst many wedding blogs, resources, designers but also a very visually and impactful way to educate one's clients.

It's a completely innovative way of showing the complete floral look in one quick glance. With these visual cues how can you not see what your wedding flowers can be. We love it.

Thanks Janet for this inspiration! So Pink Blossom worthy.

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