{Reality Check #2: Garden Centerpiece}

June 4, 2009

For our 2nd installment of "Reality Check", we decided to continue with flowers since they seem to vary so much in price.

For this week, the Pink List Panelists asked four different floral designers from across the nation to answer this question...

How much would this designer garden centerpiece cost in your city?

From to California to Connecticut, Utah to Michigan, this is what they would charge for this eco-green centerpiece created by Lewis Miller of LMD Floral Events in NYC. Anemones, brown berzilia baubles, scabiosa pods, leather fern, sword fern, scented geranium, jasmine like vines in glass cylinder never looked this beautiful. Thank you Studio Stems, Precious & Blooming, Eileen's Exclusive Floral, Floral Verde for your help on this series.


Katy said...

lol, I guess that puts my $5 potted mums for my fall wedding to shame, huh? But hey, mine are even more eco-friendly, they're getting replanted after the wedding. :D

Great flower lady said...

I know Janet and she is a GREAT designer~~

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