{Flowers: July Flower Ideas}

July 1, 2009

The first thing that comes to our minds when we think of July is the heat.

So we thought we would turn to our resident floral experts, Audrey O'Brien of Studio Stems and Nancy Liu Chin to share their candid thoughts on what to do for those warm, sunny outdoor celebrations. As you might guess, a floral designer's first concern is what flowers can stand the heat. Here are their recommendations:

- Choose hardy flowers

- Pick creative designs so that flowers have an adequate water source

- Limit complex set ups so that flowers can be placed for your ceremony or reception with a short amount of lead time so that they do not need to sit in direct sunlight for a long time

- Order a few extra boutonnieres

- Consider ordering a 2nd bridal bouquet one to take pictures with, one to walk down the aisle with so that it's always fresh

- Take advantage of non floral props like lanterns and ribbons to decorate a ceremony

- Add wonderful foliage that are long lasting and hardy

Here's a short list of a few hardy flowers that Audrey recommends:

Spider Mum
Button mum
Mini calla lily or regular Calla
Cymbidium orchid
Wax flower
Hypericum berries(not shown)
Thistle(not shown)
Horsetail(not shown)

What flowers should couples avoid if they are getting married outdoors in the heat? Nancy advises that couples should be a bit more careful with heat sensitive or fragile blooms that could wilt, shatter or brown easily. A few flowers that you might think twice about includes Hydrangea, Garden Roses, Dahlias, and Gardenias.

Don’t think that an outdoor July wedding limits you to only hardy flowers but simply consider more hardy choices especially for those worn bridal party flowers and bouquets.

Great tips and advise, Audrey and Nancy!


Nancy Liu Chin said...

Audrey...Great advise...that's why you are a professional!

studio stems/audrey said...

Nancy - you rock! i can think of no better floral designer in the WORLD! great additives!

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