{The List #14: Photo Tips by Kevin Chin}

July 16, 2009

Our list this week comes from Pink Blossom List Photographer, Kevin Chin. We asked him for a list of photo related tips for brides and grooms on their wedding day. Here is his very wise advice.

Do attend the cocktail hour, makes for great candids.

Assign a family member to corral VIP's during the family photo session, help & save time since your photographer may not know who Aunt so and so is.

If you think something will take 30 minutes, buffer 45 minutes.

Point out meaningful details or special guests that you would like the photographer to document. Remember, he/she may not that the fabric for your favors were flown in from the Orient and that the box contains Asian spices(see image on the right).

Meet with your photographer ahead of time to discuss the day's events so that there are no surprises the day of the wedding.

Though hard to do, limit your wedding party, the more bridesmaids/groomsmen you have, the more you have to organize and manage.

Book an engagement session with your photographer so that you can develop a rapport. You'll be more prepared the day of your wedding. And certainly more relaxed.

Great lighting makes an impact especially for an indoor evening events or a space that's not well lit. (See the Chinese strung lanterns - makes for a great backdrop and lights a dark area)

Start out with the most picturesque venue that you can find in your budget. It sets the tone.

Image by Kevin Chin

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