{Invitations: Lace Design by Betsy White}

August 10, 2009

We are so lucky to have Gia Graham with us today on Pink Blossom List. Gia of Betsy White shares how inspiration becomes a real design. Let's take a look as inspiration turns into reality for one lucky couple.

In this instance, Gia's cliented wanted to create an elegant and classic design inspired by the delicate patterns of lace. These are the kinds of images that she found inspiring:

The result was the Olivia wedding invitation . Here’s what it looks like:

Photo Credits:
Top row: brocantegirl on Flickr, Martha Stewart

Middle row: image via Tiara Inc, Behance Network
Bottom row 3: MyFonts.com, decor8 on Flickr

Invitation image courtesy of Betsy White stationery boutique

1 comment:

40th anniversary invitations said...

Those were lovely designs. It looks so fabulous and beautiful.

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