Decor: Wool Rich

December 22, 2009

Our fellow Pink List Panelist, Gloria Wong first introduced us to wrapped vases during a photoshoot for Design Sponge. Of course we knew the idea would spread. Recently, when we saw this DIY gift wrap idea from Grey Likes Weddings, we had to share it with our readers. It's such a wonderful way to present a gift and now we know what to do with our old high school sweaters. Use them to cover vases and gifts!
For step by step istructions, please click this link to Grey Likes Weddings a beautifully written blog by founder Summer Watkins.


Marija said...

That is such a heart-felt gift wrapping idea!!! I've always loved knitted wine bottle "bags" - this is simply beautiful!

Thanks for sharing!

And Happy Holidays!

- Marija

Bella Signature Design said...

LOVE this!! I wrap my vases in fabric ALL the time - but never thought about wool for some reason (and I knit)!! ooo, the ideas are sprouting!

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