Industry News: The Academy

March 3, 2010

What is the Academy?  We had no idea when we first heard of the Buzz going around twitter.  Put after doing some research, the Academy which is short for The Academy for Planners + Designers is an In Depth "HOW to Seminar" for Wedding Planner and Designers.  It's a 2 day education program for Wedding Planners and Event Designers that focuses on current trending topics like

"Forward Thinking" by Abby and Tait Larson of Style Me Pretty and Siri and Rosalind from Two Bright Lights

"Lifestyle weddings, Design Techniques" by David Beahm

"Behind the Scenes" by Todd Fiscus

Speakers include Rebecca Grinnals, Sean Low, Tara Guerard, Nancy Liu Chin, Grant Rector, Gene Higa to name just a few.

There is still a few spaces left so don't miss out.  Program starts on Sunday, March 14th.

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