Industry News: To a Brighter Light for All

March 29, 2010

Wedding photographers, planners, and vendors appreciate the value of word-of-mouth business referrals. In fact, among nearly 700 wedding photographers surveyed throughout the United Sates, Canada, Europe, and Australia, more than 90% said referrals are more effective than print and online advertising. Yet, networking to secure referrals has long been an effort-intensive task.

Until now.

Two Bright Lights, Inc. is the first-of-its-kind online image sharing and networking service. Two Bright Lights capitalizes on the strengths of social networking principles and takes them to the next level to transform vendor acquaintances into value-centric relationships, relationships into leads, and leads into profits.
We can go on and on but you'll just have to go to the website to learn more about it.
About Two Bright Lights

Founded in 2009, Two Bright Lights (TBL) is a subscription-based pioneering online B2B wedding marketing service dedicated to improving marketing efficiency and results for photographers, planners, and vendors. Optimizing the power of social media and networking, Two Bright Lights maximizes networking and referral capabilities through features including image sharing, portfolio development, and inspiration board creation. Additionally, by streamlining the editorial process for Real Wedding features in print and online publications, Two Bright Lights boosts business visibility in a highly-competitive industry. Headquartered in Chicago, Two Bright Lights reaches worldwide through its online presence at .

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