Invitations: Honeycomb

January 25, 2011

We are obsessed with bees and honeycombs.  And when we saw these invitations, it made us smile.  Bees are cute, sweet, and whimsical.   While honeycombs can be modern, retro, swanky and basically fun!  Together, they create a sweet modern whimsy feel.  

We found Sarah and George's honeycomb and bee invite on Etsy at the Cheerupcherup store.

Love the trailing lines that follow the bee.  Divinely playful.

This honeycomb pattern is truly a blend of sweet charm and vintage elegance. We found this lovely design by Jennifer Carroll Events.

This last pattern is quite simple.  We love the elegant design which is by Kiss and Tell Cards also found at Etsy.

1 comment:

Kell & Nick said...

I can't wait for our Bee Wedding! :)

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