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March 4, 2011

The key to a flawless wedding is a talented, professional, and fabulous event planner. Meet Kelly from A Savvy Events! She is all of the above and more. We were lucky enough to interview this busy lady and get some insight into her unique personal style, the hottest trends on the wedding platform this season, and day-of- wedding advice. Enjoy!

NLCD: What have been the most popular wedding colors for this upcoming spring/summer season?

Kelly: This year I am seeing A LOT of Grey! Grey is everywhere and it is such a neutral color and it just goes with everything! I love mixing grey in to a variety of color palettes! Another color I am seeing a lot of this year is Dark Purple. I typically don't love Purple but if done properly it looks fabulous and it is very rich and warm! 

NLCD: What is your favorite bouquet of the moment?

Kelly: My favorite bouquet is anything with Peonies! Just like every bride I am a sucker for beautiful peonies and I just think they are so soft and romantic and make the perfect bouquet!

NLCD: If you got married again in the Bay Area- what location/or venue would you choose?

Kelly: Gosh this is so hard as I like so many venues for so many different reasons but I think if I were to do it all over again and if I were to get married in this area I would probably choose Annadel Winery in Sonoma! I just love it there! The ruins are so beautiful and the property is just spectacular. I love the garden feel and Annadel is just that. It is a stunning property. I love rustic and elegant together and that property to me fits that feel to a tee! 

NLCD: What was the largest wedding you organized- how many guests, where was it, and what was the biggest challenge?

Kelly: The largest wedding to date was 275 people at Cornerstone Gardens in Sonoma. It was a beautiful wedding and really their were not a lot of challenges at all. I would say the biggest challenge was that I was hired about 8 weeks prior to the wedding as the couple felt they didn't need a wedding planner and as it got closer they realized they really needed one. So a lot of times when I am hired last minute there is a lot to do to catch up on everything that has been done and sometimes a lot of cleaning up and organizing things. So that is always the biggest challenge is when you are brought on last minute! I always tell my couples, friends and anyone that is going to get married hire your planner first. They will help you through out the entire process and it is money well spent

NLCD: What is one design/wedding trend that you love?

Kelly: I am still a sucker for the white wedding! There is something so romantic and timeless about a white wedding. It doesn't have to be vanilla and boring. You can always bring in soft hints of color to accent with but what I truly love is to walk into a reception that is candle lit with shades of whites it is still breath taking to me and it just says WEDDING!

NLCD: What is one trend that you are hoping will go away soon? 

Kelly: Gosh...I have never really given this a lot of thought lately because even if a trend is over done or tiresome I always try to tweak it to make it new to the couple or the wedding. I can't really think of anyone trend that should go away.....

NLCD: What was the most memorable moment of your own wedding? 

Kelly: The most memorable moment for me is when the doors to the church opened and I saw my husband for the first time. Nothing will ever take that moment away from me! It was very important for me and my husband to keep some tradition with our wedding and one of those was that we were not going to see each other before our ceremony! I wouldn't change it for anything in the world. It is the one picture that is my mind for the rest of my life and I will never forget his expression and the way he looked at me for the first time! It still makes me teary eyed. 

NLCD: If you could give a bride one piece of advice/words of wisdom on the day of her wedding- what would it be??

Kelly: My biggest advice is that this is your special day! Remember to take time to smell the roses (Literally) because it goes by so fast. You have spent so much time and days preparing for this day so stop and take little moments through out the event to just step back scan the room and remember everything! I also recommend after your ceremony to have a little alone time with your new bride or groom. It is probably the only alone time you will get all night so have your caterer/planner get you some champagne and hors d'oeuvres and enjoy them together before you greet your guest!

Thanks to Kelly for such great insight!

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