Cakes and Sweets: Beyond "cake" pops!

April 20, 2011

We've seen cupcakes, cookies, whoopie pies, and now cake pops. But how long will this trend be new and exciting? When planning for a wedding next year, it's hard to predict what the next big thing will be.   One way to keep things fresh is to put a unique spin on the hottest trend. Let's see some alternatives to the traditional"cake pop".

Panini pops! Create any flavor panini, use cookie cutters to form shapes, and let the cheese do the sticking.

It's easy to get creative with these upside down ice cream cones. Choose toppings in fun colors to spruce up your table.

Although they are in the same family as cake pops, "cookie pops" let you get more creative with shapes, colors and textures. 

These chocolate rice crispy treat pops look heavenly- and they must be so easy to make!

And last but certainly not least, lets not forget the traditional ice popsicle. Can't go wrong with this fun classic! 

Photo Credit in order: Panini Happy, Tartelette, Cooking Channel, Austin Wedding Blog, Country Living

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