Cakes and Sweets: Palmiers (and other Heart-shaped Goodies)

May 4, 2011

Sometimes its more fun to drool over photos of dessert than to actually eat them! Well...maybe not MORE fun, but its definitely a great hobby. Our latest obsession is the flakey, heart-shaped Palmier. Then we got to thinking: What other desserts look so charming in the shape of a heart?

LOVE the chunky sugar sprinkled on top and the slightly burnt edges!

Heart-shaped peppermint patties!

Didn't think red velvet cake could get any better? It just did.

It's true...all you need is love.

Credit: Baking Bites, Simply Recipes, Erin Cooks, Blue Eyed Bride, yumsugar, Whipper Berry

1 comment:

Sara said...

That red velvet cake looks good! :)

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