Edible Trends: Tasty Vegan

June 8, 2011

When you think of Vegan cuisine do you think bland, boring, and healthy? Hopefully not,  because vegan is anything but that- if it's done right! Most event planners and party hostesses consider vegetarian options, but why not go vegan all the way?

Look at the following menu. Can you believe it is all vegan?

Hors d'oeuvres
Sweet potato spread and plum tomato crostini with balsamic drizzle
Endive and apple haroseth salad
Fresh fruit skewers
Veggie brochettes with mushrooms, zucchini, and red bell pepper romesco
Southern-inspired fried "chicken" with barbecue sauce
Seitan meatloaf with mushroom gravy
Collard greens and garlic mashed potatoes
Wedding cake
Chocolate cake with raspberry filling and chocolate ganache frosting

(menu borrowed from a real wedding feature on VegNews)

Here are some tasty vegan dishes that are wedding friendly and fun...

Love this "pho-bulous" noodle soup recipe from Messy Vegetarian Cook

Can't go wrong with vegan tacos from Real Simple 

For the more casual crowd, try an Italian "Sausage" dog (and never know the difference). Wouldn't it be fun to create a build-your-own hotdog bar with tons of crazy toppings? 

Instead of catering vegan there is always the more causal (and trendy) option of having a food truck at the wedding. Most major cities are catching on to this dining trend and it makes feeding guests easy and fun. One of our favorites is Seabirds Truck based in Southern California (famous for their Beer Battered Avocado Tacos). Even the truck looks classy!

So it's true-vegan menus can be a total hit at any event!

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