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April 27, 2009

Our Decor expert, Gloria of Gloria Wong Design, is looking for fresh trends and we love what she wrote for us this week. Gloria writes, "ever since Marc Jacobs introduced his perfume line “Daisy” about a year and a half ago, I’ve seen daisies in a whole new light".(Image courtesy of Neiman Marcus Department Stores)

To be honest, the Pink List Panel can be snobby sometimes. We're more blossom fans less daisy enthusiasts. We aren't usually fans of any types of daisies though Nancy Liu Chin loves gerber daisies(and we can see their benefits). Gloria mentioned that she "found them to be a bit too cutesie" and we couldn't agree more. But now, they’ve taken on this whole new casually sophisticated Boho vibe. We can envision, for instance, a barefoot Nicole Ritchie walking down an outdoor aisle in a free-flowing empire waist gown with her hair braided around the crown of her head, holding a loose bouquet of garden-plucked white daisies. Her bridesmaids would don hippie-style daisy printed dresses. Her daughter Harlow would be the flower girl and she would wear a vintage denim dress with daisies in her hair. A ring bearer would hold a denim ring pillow with an embroidered daisy. Nicole’s engagement ring would not be of a diamond. Rather, she would have a sketch of daisy tattooed on her ring finger. Can you picture it?!!!(Imagine courtesy of InStyle Magazine)

Here are a couple of Gloria's favorite wedding-related daisy items… Gloria found this yellow and white cake from Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine. My oh My - it's beyond cute. We can see this for weddings and even a baby showers! The daises look so delicate and refined in this cake. Who would have thought that this country flower could be spruced up. It's chic now!
(Imagine courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine)

And this lovely Eyelet Daisy note card from Vera Wang is modern and fresh. It makes us want to go out and write thank you notes, they are so fresh! You can order these at Fine Stationary.com. A set of 10 will cost you $32.00 not including shipping and taxes. (Imagine courtesy of Vera Wang On Weddings)

Thank you Gloria....you always do us proud!

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