{Real Weddings: Lucky Blossoms Chapter One}

April 28, 2009

Given our namesake, this sweet wedding submitted to us by photographer Ken Buck seems like a perfect PBL wedding. Here's the lovely story behind Melissa & Greg's March 17th, 2009 wedding.

Before the bride had picked her wedding gown, the couple had selected the venue, and the invitations were chosen, Melissa and Greg had 3 must haves. First they wanted a cake with blossom details made by Bay Area renowned cake maker, Katrina Rozelle. Check! Second they wanted to get married on Tuesday, March 17th(it's Patrick's Day). Check! Lastly, they wanted Pink Blossoms in as many details as possible. Hmmmm? Since neither Melissa or Greg were familiar with flowers, they asked their good friend who use to freelance for a wedding floral designer to help them. Their friend, Michael S., just so happened to have worked for San Francisco floral and event designer, Nancy Liu Chin of NLCD.

During their first meeting, one of Nancy's first question was "why did they pick a Tuesday wedding?". The answer was easy. St. Patrick's Day is a very auspicious holiday and the idea of getting married with the luck of the Irish behind them seemed like a great idea(though neither was of Irish decent). Even if it wasn't about luck, Melissa and Greg would have picked March 17th because that was when this couple had their first date.

After picking the date, Melissa especially wanted to pay tribute to her mother's Japanese heritage by having as many cherry blossoms in the wedding. Melissa's DIY invitations, place cards, favors all incorporated little pink blossoms. The table numbers were named after San Francisco parks in honor of their love for all things gardens! As you can see, they knew that one of the colors had to be pink. So what should the other color be? Obviously, given that it was St. Patrick's Day, the couple suggested that they add a soft spring green for a little luck.

Weddings are symbols of hope, love, commitment and in this case, luck! The PBL thanks Melissa & Greg for sending us this message of luck!

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