{Decor: Stolen Plate Press & Sugar Coat It Studio}

May 11, 2009

Since all of us here on the Pink List Panel are always stressing the importance of cohesion to our lovely brides and grooms, it's no surprise that we were over the moon when Gloria Wong found out about the collaborative projects between Stolen Plate Press and Sugar Coat It Studio.

Stolen Plate Press is a letterpress design company that offers delightfully naive and unconventional graphics on their paper goods. Sugar Coat It Studio is a cake company that specializes in fun, modern, and graphic-drive cakes.

Together, this super cool duo has created a graphic feast for the eyes (and tummy) with their line "Cakes and Cards".

Brides and Grooms, take this as a cue! Either knock on the doors of this dynamic duo to tie your wedding cake with your wedding paper goods or bring your invitation to your cake maker and ask them to interpret it into a cake!!!!

Remember, Cohesion, folk! Cohesion!!!!

We know that the best formula for a smooth and perfect wedding starts teamwork. If you have a story to share on your successful collaborations, let's hear about it. Send your story to pinkblossomlist@gmail.com

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