{The List #4: Floral Designers}

May 8, 2009

After weeks of looking for the right floral designers to be apart of the inaugural Pink Blossom List's of Best Floral Designer list, we've come up with these very deserving designers.

Each have their own unique style but the common thing that we looked for was original work, contribution to their craft, inspiring designs, and of course, a comprehensive website. Some have store fronts like Mark's Garden, other's work in their studio like Asiel Designs, some do more than just flowers like Kathleen Deery and Belle Fleur, other's are known for their floral tips & inspirations like Nancy Liu Chin Designs, many have beautiful websites like Waterlily Pond, some have been a Modern Bride's Trendsetter like Karen Axel of Tapestry, some have written books like Ariella Chezar, others contribute regularly to magazines like Livia Cetti of The Green Vase, whatever the reason, they are truly well deserving to be on our list. From the west to the mid west to the far northeast. Congratulations. (The full list is on our side bar)

Do you think someone is worthy to be on this list? Send in your comments and nominations to pinkblossomlist@gmail.com.

Photography by Lisa Leigh. Flowers courtesy of Nancy Liu Chin Designs

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