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May 4, 2009

We recently asked Gloria Wong, our decor guru, to search the country for great floral designers. Of course we weren't surprised with her choice, Belle Fleur of NY, which happens to be on our list of Flower Designers we absolutely love. Let's here what Gloria had to say....

"When I picked up this month’s issue of Modern Bride Magazine, I was so excited to find a feature that Floral and Event Designer Extraordinaire Meredith Waga-Perez of Belle Fleur had created. She has such a keen sense of composition and cohesion. Her designs never fail to be exquisite and breathtaking. I always look forward to her next editorial creation!" We agree completely!

For the “Crystal Ball” inspiration in Modern Bride, Meredith played with “the reflective qualities of different transparent surfaces – crystals, rhinestones, even ice – against one another for a glittering gala.” Gloria goes on and says that, "I am a bit frightened by the word “glittering” because I’ve seen some literal translations for weddings". In her opinion, "glitter can be fun at New Year’s Eve celebrations, but it can come off looking like a grade school project at weddings". We couldn't have said it any better. If done the right way with restraint even pink champagne bottles with glitter writing can be tasteful. Not a cliche.

Fortunately for us die-hard fans of Belle Fleur, Meredith’s interpretation of a “glittering gala” was anything but a grade school project. It was awe-inspiring.

Here are some of our favorite images from Modern Bride spread.

The beautiful four tiered cake with little glittery rocks. We love the beaded vase filled with garden pink roses displayed next to the cake. We like how the flowers are simple but the vase is intricate. This combination is arresting to the eye.
Just lovely.

The crystal cut votives also reflect light and aren't the typical votive candles that you see. It's just that right amount of "bling" that doesn't go over the top yet adds to the whole entire look.


Even the cake stand is just perfect. The diamond cut of the footed stand is a perfect marriage with the cake, the votives, and the crystal glass arrangement.

This delicate ball gown is so fanciful and dreamy to begin with. The addition of that glittery bodice is stunning. Added to that is this lovely bouquet of stephanotis, rananculus, sweet peas!

We noticed the dainty pink crystals in the center of the stephanotis which makes this far from the standard bouquet. It plays off the bodice of the dress without overwhelming it. There many ways to do crystals the wrong way, but we find that "restrained" use of crystals in this case, very heavenly and appropriate.

Who wouldn't want to walk do the aisle with this perfect bouquet?

These small details tell a great story. And of course, the table decor brings it all together.

With the combination of sleek crystal candelabras, modern “Cellula” chandeliers from Design Within Reach, and beaded chair covers against the backdrop of the glass window…off set by pink flowers down the center of the tables, we wish we could be there.

Isn't the reflection of the crystal candelabras against the backdrop of the skyline of city lights… simply - pure genius.

That’s all I can say, folks…

Pure genius.


meredith said...

Dear Brilliant Writers at Pink Blossom,
Thanks for featuring one of my favorite design concepts...I'm very flattered. Just wanted to clue some readers in on the petite floral crystals that are studding the Stephanotis blossoms in the bridal bouquet...I actually dismantled a JCrew bracelet and incorporated those tiny jewels into the bouquet for unexpected detail & charm.
I'm a huge fan of your blog...keep up the inspiring work!!
xo Meredith / Belle Fleur

The Pink Blossom List said...

We love you Meredith for your insight. Did everyone catch that? Meredith of Belle Fleur used a J Crew bracelet! That's creative thinking and we applaud you for it!

Love, Pink List Panel!!!
ps Look for tomorrow's post!

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