{Photography: Interview with Sabine Scherer}

May 13, 2009

An image says more than words at times. In order to visualize, we need images to stimulate, to inspire, to authenticate, to define. We know that it's impossible to describe a beautiful bouquet or a lovely bride without a photograph.

So - we sent PBL contributor, Nancy of Nancy Liu Chin Designs, on a mission to find us new and hidden talent in the photography world. She came back with this fun interview with Sabine Scherer - a San Francisco wedding photographer. Let's get to know Sabine.
NLC: If you could photograph any celebrity couple, who would it be and why?
SS: Bear Grylls and his wife Shara ! Bear Grylls has probably done every crazy extreme nature/ survival thing one could think of. So naturally the photo shoot would have to take place on some gorgeous wild patch of land only accessible by parachuting out of a helicopter or plane. And any shoot starting with aerial acrobatics and me getting to skydive is a major bonus in my book!
NLC: If you had to sit at a wedding with 9 other people, who would be on your table?
SS: Tucker (my fiancĂ©), Verena, (my best friend), John Stewart, John Oliver, Will Farrell, Brian Regan, Ricky Gervias, Brad Pitt, and Kathy Griffin. I’d probably die laughing, but it would be so worth it.
NLC: Brad Pitt - yummy. Would Angelina be his date?
NLC: Should you decide that you don't want to do wedding photography, what would you do instead?
SS: Professional adventurer
NLC: Do you have any guilty pleasures?
SS:Desserts, The Food network, Fizzy water, reading a book on a nice day in the park, receiving a professional massage
NLC: What random things don't I know about you?
SS: I received two degrees – one in Zoology and one in Fine Arts. Naturally, that immediately led me to Wedding Photography. Well, not really. Out of college, I worked at IUCN as a Marine Program Officer. Even though I was working for a good cause, I did not love what I was doing. So I decided to do a complete 180, quit my job and immerse myself in photography.
For several years I assisted some of the best commercial and editorial photographers in the DC area, learning from them and teaching myself along the way. Around that time, I was picked up as a second shooter for a wedding. I was hooked! I loved that I could be artistic and scientific at the same time while being part of such an important event in a couple’s life. It spurred me to start 'Sabine Scherer Photography', my own boutique company. I haven’t looked back since. I pride myself on providing my clients personalized service with a unique style. I’ve been fortunate to work with some of the top vendors in DC, NY and San Francisco.
NLC: Where has your work appeared?
SS: My photography has been published multiple times in CondĂ© Nast Brides, Bride and Bloom, The Knot, as well as on numerous industry blogs. I recently was awarded The Knot’s “Best of Weddings” pick for 2008/2009. First and foremost, though, I am most excited about my wonderful clients and their allowing me to creatively capture important moments of their lives.
Photography by Sabine Scherer. Flowers by Nancy Liu Chin Designs. To see more images and read the full story of Jess + Matt's Wedding, we invite you to Greenweddingshoes.com.

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