{The List #5: Cheap but still Chic}

May 14, 2009

The economy is putting a strain on everyone so there's got to be ways to cut costs but not effect the overall chic and swankiness of a wedding. We asked our Pink List Panel(PLP) to come up with some tips that are on the Cheap but still so so so Chic!

Cut your guests list. Cut Cut Cut

Cookie bar instead of a Dessert buffet - go to your local gourmet grocery chain like a Whole Foods where they make great cookies. One bride, Kim N., had all her aunts make the cookies. It added a really personal touch! Love that. (Photograph courtesy of Amy Atlas)

Keep your bridal party to a manageable amount - it's hard to do but remember that each additional bridesmaid needs a bridal bouquet. Each groomsmen needs a boutonniere. Plus all those thank you gifts and makeup, hair, dresses to deal with. Bride, Lisa S. choose to do it and we applaud her.

Fore go the pin spots but do a dramatic wash on the dance floor and up lighting if you are having a ballroom wedding

Instead of an expensive floral centerpiece, Nancy Liu Chin recommends that couples replace with a grouping of beautiful containers and place a single stem of flower in each vase.

Have reception at a modern, loft style restaurant. You may not need to rent tables or expensive linens. Not only that, but it feels more hip says photographer, Kevin Chin.

Have a relaxing Sunday morning wedding followed up by a bountiful brunch instead of those expensive sit down dinners.(Photography by Beatriz Da Costa; Seen on Brides.com; Flowers by Ovando NY)

Instead of having a destination wedding where every guest has to fly to a remote location, have two smaller receptions - bride's hometown, groom's hometown. It's also a great way to spend more time with your family and friends.

Why not use a chalkboard to write out the menu instead of printing individual menus for every guests. Gloria Wong used this wonderful idea for an outdoor Napa wedding. Great idea!

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