{Decor: For the Birds}

July 27, 2009

Recently, we were talking with Gloria Wong about one of the great trends for this year which focuses on our flying friends - birds and their habitats.

Many couples have long used “lovebirds” as a graphic motif for their wedding invitations. And why shouldn’t they?! Birds are extremely versatile and can be interpreted in so many ways for different styles of wedding. Gloria notes that "birds can be cute and whimsical, classic and elegant, or even dark and goth". To augment this “lovebirds” motif, event designers like Gloria are "flocking to neighborhood and online retailers for birdcages!".

Birdcages are a truly festive way to spice up d├ęcor and to carry on a “lovebirds” concept! Heck, even if you’re not into birds themselves, don’t dismiss the use of birdcages on their own! They come in all different shapes and sizes. There are bamboo birdcages that resemble pagodas for Asian-inspired weddings. There are metal birdcages with curly cues and floral print embellishments for Garden-inspired weddings. Then, there are non-descript wooden birdcages that could easily be spray-painted to fit your wedding colors!

Think of the all the possibilities, folks!!!

(left from Onlineoriental.com, right from Greatroomsdecor.com)

Gloria came up with a couple really great combinations. Rich shades of plum and raspberry birdcages for a jewel-toned wedding. To die. Bright yellow birdcages for a yellow and grey mod wedding. Yum. Kelly green birdcages for a preppy green and white wedding. Sweet. The color ideas are endless!

(Left from Lampsplus.com, right from Greatroomsdecor.com)

Placement of birdcages are also endless! Hang them from trees as though they were lanterns. Spread them out on dinner tables as floral vessels. Lay them out on coffee tables in a lounge area. Line them down your ceremony aisle.

No matter what, Gloria feels that you need to just "get creative and have fun with them!". We couldn't agree more!! Thanks again, Gloria, for a great decor tip.

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