{Wedding Planning: Branding Your Event}

July 28, 2009

When most people think of a brand, they think of the Nike swoosh or the Apple logo - recognizable icons that represent a particular company. Well the same principles that go into a business brand can be applied to something much more personal and fun like a wedding says Gia Graham of Betsy White.

Is this a future trend?

Gia writes, "the idea is to make your event memorable, to incorporate details which your guests will associate specifically with your wedding". Most brides will instinctively brand their event with color by choosing a color palette which they incorporate throughout the event (bridesmaids dresses, flowers, linens, etc.) but event branding goes further than colors alone. The best way to really tie elements together is to use one signature icon throughout the event (like a bird or a particular flower) or to use a wedding logo.

A wedding logo works the same way as a business logo - it's a unique icon that will represent you and your wedding.

How do you use your wedding logo?

Gia takes us through the process. First, use your wedding logo on the save the dates and invitations to introduce your brand to your guests. The style of the logo should reflect the style of your wedding and give guests a glimpse of what your wedding will be like: casual or traditional, rustic or modern, etc.

When guests arrive at the ceremony, they could be greeted with a “wedding this way” sign with the same symbol which could also appear on the wedding programs.

At the reception, your brand can be incorporated into the place cards, menu cards, on the cake, favors and even projected onto the dance floor with special lighting

Here is a great example of a beautifully branded wedding. This bride used Betsy White's Love Logo #14 wedding logo design to help create the ‘rustic chic’ feeling she wanted for her winter wedding in Vermont. Her wedding colors and wedding logo were incorporated into every aspect of the wedding, creating a really cohesive look:

What did we learn from Gia of Betsy White. We learned that branding a wedding to create a cohesive look can make the difference between a nice wedding and a polished, stylish, truly unforgettable event.

Photo Credits: Top Image Courtesy of Betsy White Stationary Boutique.
Rustic Chic Inspiration Wedding by Leigh Miller Photography

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