Edible Trends: Beer Cocktails

April 27, 2011

Kick it up a notch from bottled beer and well drinks. Why not test out your mixology skills and experiment with beer cocktails? They are delicious, easy to make, and fun to drink.

The most simple beer cocktail is "The Black Velvet" which is one part stout and one part champagne. Serve this classic in a fancy flute and you've got yourself a drink!

Seasoned bartenders commonly call it "The Cure". This easy cocktail for is also for beginners. Mix together beer, lemon juice, liquor, and a touch of ginger. Sip the night away.

And for experts only... try the refreshing Mexican cocktail "Happy Mich".The main ingredients are Dos Equis, hot sauce, watermelon cubes, lime juice, and salt. Get the official recipe from Epicurious.

Does anyone else want to take these cocktails and hit the beach? 

Credits: Your Life Events and Epicurious.com


One Fine Day said...

Love this post! You never see beer cocktails, so this is very refreshing!

Howard Stelzer said...

Beer cocktails are kinda ideal for folks who aren't sure whether to serve beer at their wedding, or a signature cocktail. How about both at once? :)

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