Inspiration: All things British

April 29, 2011

In honor of the day everyone has been waiting for, here is a fun, funky British-inspired board.

Style: British glam
Colors: Royal Blue, Red, and a hint of glitter
Elements: British flag, classic telephone booth, mini coopers, diamonds

Credit: Home Interior Design Info, Deviantart, Pintrest, Elite Choice, Remodelista, Zazzle, WeddingE, Wired


Mimi said...

Loving the tiara. Read a great post over at This Is Glamorous blog that told the history of royal tiaras and crowns. Quite fascinating. Got one for my daughter's 16th birthday which she wore all over NYC.

Nancy Liu Chin said...

Hail to Kate and Will who pulled off a flawless wedding. I love that Regal is here and never left. Great inspiration board. Nice job Erin....

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