Destination Weddings: The Best of Mexico

May 20, 2011

Cancun and Cabo San Lucas are popular destinations for lovers, but there are so many wonderful beaches to explore in Mexico. We are particularly infatuated with Tulum, a lovely beach just a few hours south of Cancun. Much less developed than the bigger cities, Tulum is a wedding paradise. Its secluded beaches sit close to the Mayan ruins, which is how the town got its name (Tulum means "wall").

The Be Tulum resort is our top pick for the most gorgeous wedding (or honeymoon) venue. Guests can choose between the Jungle, Arena, and Ocean suites depending on your event style, whether its jungle/tropical or sea bound. Ceremonies take place on the adjacent beach and a reception in the various lounge areas would be absolutely divine.

Simply breathtaking!

Credits: Be Tulum, Titatulum and Trip Advisor

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