Vendor News: Meet Kevin Chin!

May 27, 2011

We absolutely love having the opportunity to get to know talented wedding vendors. This week Pink Blossom List interviewed one of our favorite photographers, Kevin Chin. His work speaks for itself. Look out for a gorgeous real wedding shot by Kevin next Monday on PBL!

PBL: How would you describe your style as a photographer / artist?

KC: My style is very clean and simple.  Whether it’s photography or cinema, my imagery concentrates on capturing the true essence of the couple or wedding day.  Storytelling is my main goal and I want to evoke an emotion or feeling when people view my work.

PBL: What makes your work stand out from other photographers, other wedding photographers?

KC: In this digital age, my preference is still film.  There is an organic quality to film that can’t be duplicated digitally.  I am well versed in shooting both digital and film but I feel my clients come to me for the artistic quality that film offers.  My b&w imagery is a favorite of my clients and all of my b&w’s are still printed the old fashion way in a darkroom which results in fine-art print making at it’s best.

PBL: We talk a lot about different trends in floral design, weddings, and fashion.  Are there similar trends in photography / cinema too?

KC: There are definitely trends in photography and cinematography as well.  Photography was all posed portraits in the 80’s, and photojournalism in the 90’s.  The most recent trend these days is more of a stylized fashion or editorial look.  I see that the art of a well posed portrait is becoming a lost art and is becoming important again.  Even if you don’t shoot a lot of posed portraits, it’s important to understand what a flattering pose looks like so that when you see it happening in the camera, you will know when to take the shot.   I believe a good photographer should be well versed in all these trends to fully capture a wedding day.  There are times when you need the posed portraits, and there are times when you need to have the creative eye to capture a photojournalistic shot that goes beyond just an ordinary snapshot.

Cinematography is going through a very exciting time right now.  The current trend is to shoot HD quality movies on HDSLRs which are the same exact cameras that photographers use for still photography.  The advantage is that now cinematographers have access to all the same quality lenses to get that shallow depth of field look which gives the wedding films a more cinematic look. 

PBL: Has photography always been a hobby of yours?  When did you first start?

KC: Like most of us, photography was a hobby of mine growing up.  I was always the one grabbing the camera on family vacations taking photos.  From these vacation photos, a co-worker of my mom asked me to photograph their wedding.  I was 16 back then and made $50.  I haven’t looked back since.

PBL: What advice do you have for brides and grooms when looking for a photographer?  What questions should they ask?

KC: When the wedding is over, the only thing you will have left are your wedding photos and video.  As the years go by and the memory fades, these photos and videos become even more important and are your only lasting mementos of the wedding day.  Don’t skimp on your photographer or cinematographer.  If you are not happy with the results, you can’t go back and do it all over again.

Digital photography has made very easy for anyone to go to Costco and pick up a decent digital camera and call themselves a photographer.  Technology has also made it very easy for anyone to make an awesome looking website.  Experience is critical.  Ask how many weddings they have photographed and ask to see samples of complete weddings.  If your photographer misses an important shot because of lack of experience, that moment is forever gone.

Thank you to Kevin Chin for his interesting story and professional insight. See more of his photographs and films here and look out for real wedding shots on PBL coming next week! Here is a little sneak peek for those of you who just can't wait...

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