Edible Trends: Biscuit Lovin'

July 27, 2011

Inspired by New York Times article You are Making Your Biscuits Wrong, we couldn't help but feature the homemade biscuit as our food of the week. With ingredients as simple as flour, baking powder and little milk, who could imagine that there countless ways to make them "wrong". Whether you use heavy cream or milk, salt or sugar, a fresh baked biscuit is certain to be a crowd pleaser if styled correctly.

Here is some eye candy that proves how this classic treat can be the sweetest addition to any affair, once you get your recipe perfected, that is...

Biscuits can be classic...or cutesy!

Happy baking!

Photo Credit : The Paupered Chef, The Sweetest Occasion, New York Times, Petit Chef, Etsy

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