The List: Non-Cheesy Bridesmaid Gifts

July 25, 2011

This week PBL attempted to compile a list of "non-cheesy" bridesmaid gifts, and we succeeded. Don't believe us? After a little research we discovered that brides can impress their leading ladies without embarrassment!

One of the gift lists on The Knot particularly inspired us. The key is to keep things simple but personal  so bridesmaids feel appreciated and special. We pulled our top ten.

1. First-edition of her favorite novel with a sweet note inside
2. Personalized clutches for the day-of
3. Gift certificate to her favorite boutique
4. Unique jewelry for an eclectic bunch
5. Hand-bound photo album or scrapbook
6. Wishing for another honeymoon? Get her matching travel gear
7. Toms shoes in fun colors
8. Wine lover? Easy. Bottle of her favorite
9. Purse-sized camera for the digital gal
10. Nothing says thank you like a well-deserved day at the spa!

Clutches designed by Oatmeal Lace

Find even more ideas here.

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