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June 20, 2011

Hello Pink Blossom List Readers! We are happy to introduce another fabulous new face. Meet Jamie Fields, the latest addition to one of our favorite event planning vendors, A Savvy Event.

A few months back we interviewed Kelly from A Savvy Event and Jamie has just joined the team. We hope you enjoy this interview as much as we did!

PBL: Did you always work in event planning? Where did you work prior to ASavvy and what brought you here to work with Kelly?

Jamie: After college graduation I was thirsty for a new adventure and decided to relocate to New York.  I found myself working as a hostess at a fine dining establishment in Manhattan’s Upper East Side.  It was at Atlantic Grill where I quickly realized my passion for organizing and planning in a chaotic, fast-paced environment.  From that learning experience, I set my sights on a career in the hospitality industry.  I targeted a role within the restaurant group’s busy, corporate office – And, took advantage of this great opportunity.  I administered and oversaw the events and parties for a dozen popular and upscale restaurants, and a trendy, spin-off nightclub.

After a handful of years in NY it was time for a change of venue.  My now husband and I drove cross country embarking on a journey out West.  We landed in my hometown of San Francisco where I took on a catering manager’s duties at The Fairmont Hotel atop Nob Hill.  Throughout my five-year tenure, I fell in love with planning every aspect of the wedding process – From the traditional, formal ceremony…To the most progressive and non-conventional nuptials.  I had the pleasure of running and supervising hundreds of wedding parties and special events.

I knew it was time for a work lifestyle change after the birth of my baby girl Chloe.  I needed a more flexible situation.  Kelly and I first met while we both worked for the Fairmont brand.  She was working events at our sister Sonoma property.  We always had a good rapport and remained in touch after she left to start A Savvy Event.  I’ve long admired the fabulous job Kelly has done catering to her Napa Wine Country clientele.  After some exciting conversations we agreed that I could help put A Savvy on the map in San Francisco market.

PBL: Favorite bouquet of the moment?

Jamie: My favorite bouquet design style remains constant and conforms to my simple, yet modern taste. I am a big fan of bunching one type of flower or using multiple species with similar coloring throughout.  Add in a touch of glitter for some sparkle and you have a sophisticated, sleek creation.  I love bouquets that incorporate Calla Lily’s, Star Lilys, Tulips and Orchids.

PBL: Can you think of a wedding trend this season that has been popular with the brides? Any color trends?
Jamie: Summer’s arrival brings splashes of hot pinks, corals and shades of Tiffany blue.  Trending now is Navy blue…Brown is fading out.  Navy blue is a very rich, elegant color. It’s the new black with a bit of pizzazz.
PBL: What is your favorite Bay Area wedding venue/ or where would you choose get married?
Jamie: The Fairmont San Francisco Hotel atop Nob Hill is a favorite.  No other venue offers such a range and variety of event space.  From the Crown room with it’s near 360 degree views of the City…To the traditional Gold and Venetian room’s ornate details.  The Garden Terrace is a great spot for an outdoor ceremony or a breath of fresh air during your cocktail hour.
When it came time to select a venue for my own wedding I quickly realized that getting married at the Fairmont where I worked as an employee everyday wasn’t ideal.  My husband and I researched several dozen potential locations throughout the Greater Bay Area.  Our site touring included fabulous visits to the Julia Morgan Ballroom, Legion of Honor Museum and Kohl Mansion.
We eventually decided the perfect spot for us was the Old Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco Building, now known as the Bently Reserve.  We chose the Banking Hall for its contemporary marble floors, travertine walls and bronze finishes.  The tall columns accentuate the height of the space, and grand chandeliers give balance to the room.  We added up lighting and color washes, stylish linens, and stunning floral and candle arrangements.  The space was the perfect canvas to paint my fairy tale wedding with the groom to match.
PBL: If you could give brides one piece of advice from a planner's standpoint what would it be?
Jamie: Get a Planner!  I promise it’s the best money you will ever spend for your peace of mind. A wedding planner’s sole responsibility is to have their eyes and ears focused on making your event flow flawlessly for you and your guests.  Let somebody else take control over who is supposed to walk down the aisle at that appropriate moment, labor over timing your meal service, or deal with unruly Uncle Harry.
We hire a professional to assist us in most every other aspect of our life’s endeavors; Why would you not make that same type of investment for arguably the most memorable (and let’s face it expensive) day of your life?
Thank you to Jamie for sharing such great insight and advice. Contact Jamie and the rest of the A Savvy Event team here.

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